Located in Grcica Milenka 8, Nota restaurant is found at the very heart of Vracar and represents a constitutive part of Garni Hotel Nota.

This restaurant found its place on the premises of an ex musical instruments factory called “Skala”. Wanting to ensure that the musical tradition of the locality is cherished, we decided to pursue the brand heritage. To us, Restaurant Nota is a harmonious mixture of senses.

From the smell of food, to its taste and visually pleasing interior along with the sounds of music on one of our music nights, restaurant Nota follows its idea of harmony and the mixture of multiple aspects of pleasure.

Along with the cheerful atmosphere and food that never seizes to amaze, our restaurant is a unique place in Belgrade, where the biggest actors, journalists and many other celebrities from the world of art and entertainment meet. Come by & seize the opportunity to get to know one of the most attractive restaurants in the city! Additionally, we are proud of our wide range of home cooked meals and international dishes: from juicy homemade veal pottage, turkey tagliatelle and pork neck cutlet, to smoked trout, smoked turkey fillet and Caesar salad.

Our menu is extremely wide and rich in a wide range of meals for avid eaters, but for those who watch out for their weight as well. Our wish is that Nota restaurant become your favourite spot to kick off your day, relax prior to taking on work adventures, unwind with your friends along with a cup of coffee or even enjoy a tasty lunch with the ones you take to.

Restaurant Nota is one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants in the city and represents a major opportunity to escape reality and take some time off! Nudimo vam široku lepezu specijaliteta domaće i strane kuhinje. This is an ideal spot to spend your time with your family and friends!

Visit us and see it yourself!

Restaurant Nota – Where the taste meets the sound!


CONTACT: +381 66 530 5050

EMAIL: restoran@garnihotelnota.com