Nota breakfast 450 rsd sunny side up eggs (3), bacon, cheese, sausage & ajvar
Sunny side up eggs with ham or bacon 380 rsd
Scrambled eggs with prosciutto and cheese 380 rsd
Scrambled eggs with ham and truffles 410 rsd
Scrambled eggs with cvarci and ajvar 380 rsd
Cheese pie 300 rsd
Komplet lepinja 380 rsd komplet lepinja with Zlatibor beef prosciutto
Polenta 350 rsd polenta with cheese, cracklings and bacon
Panada 270 rsd panada with cheese and kajmak
French toast 400 rsd French toast with cream, bacon, tomatoes & cottage cheese
Salted / Sweet fritters 350 rsd kajmak or jam
Chicken ciabatta 380 rsd ciabatta with chicken, cow-milk cottage cheese and home-made pesto sauce
Pork prosciutto bun 380 rsd a bun with pork prosciutto, cheese and tomatoes
Tuna sandwich 430 rsd sandwich with tuna, tomatoes, pickles and citrus sauce

Extras - breakfast

Ham 60 rsd 30g
Prosciutto 110 rsd 30g
Pancetta 90 rsd 30g
Kajmak 70 rsd 30g
Ajvar 70 rsd 30g
Feta cheese 60 rsd 50g
An additional egg 30 rsd


Thinly sliced & cold ham rolled 640 rsd 200g - ham rolls served with horseradish sauce, radish & scallion
Dairy 790 rsd 250g - cottage cheese, goat cheese, Pirot cheese, Sjenica cheese and kajmak
Mezze 700 rsd 300g - pork prosciutto, pepperoni, Zlatar cheese, kajmak, olives
Nota mezze 1490 rsd 300g - Pirot sausages, sheep prosciutto, pepperoni, beef & pork prosciutto
Steak tartare 1490 rsd 200g - steak with seasoned butter and brioche bread
Meat aspic 390 rsd aspic with pickled vegetables
Dried Sar cheese 690 rsd 150g - dried cheese dipped in olive oil and dill
Skala crackles 640 rsd 150g - Duvan, Srem and meaty crackles

Hot starters

Grilled Miroc cheese 890 rsd grilled Miroc cheese with vegetables
Pan-fried celery root steaks 590 rsd pan-fried celery root with chili and yogurt sauce
Crispy rolls 490 rsd crispy rolls with seasonal vegetables and chili sauce
Fried goose liver 2290 rsd fried goose liver with blueberries
Dried plums with goat cheese 590 rsd dried plums stuffed with goat cheese, rolled in bacon
Fried peppers 450 rsd fried peppers stuffed with cheese
Gibanica 450 rsd gibanica with sour milk
Dried peppers and baked beans 450 rsd dried peppers stuffed with baked beans
Fried cheese 400 rsd
Baked beans 300 rsd

Pasta & risotto

Penne streak & rocket salad 990 rsd penne with steak, tomato sauce, cottage cheese & rocket salad
Bacon & pepperoni penne 840 rsd penne with bacon, dried sausage, pepperoncini and tomato sauce
Ragu tagliatelle 690 rsd oxtail ragu tagliatelle
Truffle & prosciutto tagliatelle 1090 rsd tagliatelle with butter sauce, truffle & prosciutto
Turkey tagliatelle 890 rsd tagliatelle with turkey fillet, prosciutto & champignon in cream sauce
Roasted pasta 490 rsd pasta with cheese & eggs
Zucchini & chicken tagliatelle 790 rsd tagliatelle with chicken fillet, zucchini & pumpkin seed sauce
Nota risotto 770 rsd chicken fillet risotto with zucchini, green beans & spinach
Forest mushroom risotto 670 rsd risotto with mixed forest mushrooms

Soups and pottages

Tomato pottage 280 rsd tomato pottage with cheese and crispy bread
Veal ragout soup 300 rsd cream soup with veal meat, vegetables and sour cream
Beef soup 280 rsd beef soup with homemade dumplings, carrots and chopped meat
Pottage of the day 280 rsd pottage with homemade cream

Specialties of the house

Grilled chicken liver 690 rsd 300g - grilled chicken liver with homemade buns with vegetable stew and kajmak
Fried chicken fillet 790 rsd 300g - fried fillet with French fries and creamy carrot sauce
Chicken fillet & hazelnuts 840 rsd 300g - chicken fillet stuffed with homemade smoked cheese, served with mashed potatoes and hazelnuts
Turkey mlinci 850 rsd 300g - Turkey fillet with homemade mlinci and cream
Duck on celery root puree 2490 rsd 250g - duck meat served on a celery root puree with orange & apple sauce
Pork saddle 890 rsd 300g - pork saddle served in squash, baked and served on podvarak
Pork neck fillet steak 840 rsd 300g - steak with pork squash and onions, served with mashed potatoes and a hint of mustard
Pork ribs 950 rsd 400g - pork ribs with French fries and sweet chili sauce
Karadjordje’s schnitzel 950 rsd 300g - two pork fillet schnitzels with fries and tartar sauce
Lamb knuckle 1390 rsd 400g - lamb knuckle with mashed potatoes
Veal briskets 1590 rsd 300g - rolled veal briskets with crisp baked potatoes
Lamb bajadera 1490 rsd 250g - lamb bajadera with potatoes, spinach, demi-glace sauce and thyme


Steak tagliata 1490 rsd 250g - steak tagliata served with rocket salad, parmesan and cherry tomatoes
Pepper steak 1790 rsd 250g - pepper steak with grilled vegetables
Porcini mushroom steak 2190 rsd 250g - porcini mushroom steak with French dries and hollandaise sauce
Steak 1790 rsd 250g - steak dipped in oil with grilled vegetables and French fries
Rumpsteak tagliata 2050 rsd 300g - rumpsteak tagliata with baby potatoes on butter
Rumpsteak 2100 rsd 300g - rumpsteak with ranch roasted potatoes and grilled vegetables


Cevapi Nota 790 rsd 300g - regular, spicy, pepper
Cevapi 690 rsd 300g - cevapi with French fries
Burger 790 rsd 300g - cheeseburger with bacon, hot peppers and baby potatoes
Beef cracklings 880 rsd 300g - beef cracklings with bacon and cheese, seasoned slices of potatoes and crispy vegetables
BBQ chicken fillet 690 rsd 300g - bbq chicken fillet with French fries
BBQ turkey fillet 890 rsd 300g - bbq turkey fillet with frilled vegetables
Sujuk 990 rsd 300g - sujuk with French fries and mustard
Homemade smoked sausage 790 rsd 300g - homemade smoked sausage with potato slices
Smoked pork chops 1080 rsd 300g - smoked pork shops with slices of potato and homemade urnebes salad
Pork chops 990 rsd 400g - pork chops with sataras and potatoes
Veal liver 690 rsd 300g - veal liver with chopped onions


Smoked trout 875 rsd 300g - smoked trout fillet with potato salad and pepper & onion dressing
Trout 775 rsd 300g - trout with potatoes and chards
Zander 975 rsd 250g - zander with Smederevo garnish
Salmon fillet 1690 rsd 250g - salmon fillet with baby potatoes and broccoli

Salads - meal portions

Salad with curd cheese and boiler 690 rsd tomato, cow-milk cheese, basil and olive oil
Caesar salad 790 rsd chicken fillet, green salad mix, caesar dressing, bacon, cherry tomatoes, croutons
Beefsteak salad 850 rsd Iceberg salad, steak, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and Grana Padano cheese
Turkey fillet with crispy vegetable 790 rsd with crispy vegetables, grilled peach and nut & lemon marinade
Mixed green salad with chicken 690 rsd with sautéed chicken fillet, bacon, croutons and pumpkin dressing
Grilled cheese salad 690 rsd with vegetable and lavender dressing
Three-tomato salad 690 rsd with croutons, crispy bacon, Sjenica cheese and basil
Salmon fillet 850 rsd salmon fillet with young fries and broccoli


Serbian salad 350 rsd
Sopska salad 380 rsd
Tomato 280 rsd
Tomato with cheese 330 rsd
Cream dipper peppers 320 rsd
Roasted red pepper 300 rsd
Peppers - spicy, roasted or fresh 90 rsd
Ajvar 330 rsd
Tarator salad 290 rsd
Mixed green salad 280 rsd
Coleslaw 240 rsd
Season salad 280 rsd
Rocket and cherry salad rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, pinoli, parmesan


Cherry pie 320 rsd with chopped nuts and vanilla ice cream
Baka Dara’s cake 320 rsd with walnut ice cream
Blueberry tart 390 rsd with vanilla cream
Poppy seed rolls 320 rsd
Apricot jam rolls 300 rsd
Reform schnitte 390 rsd
Tulumbe 240 rsd
Walnut bars 240 rsd
Moscow cake 390 rsd

Kid's menu

Kid-friendly soup 100 rsd
Spaghetti Bolognese 250 rsd
Fried chicken fillet with smiley fries 300 rsd
Cevapi + French fries 300 rsd
Burgers + French fries 300 rsd
Mini sausage 250 rsd